Common Engine Problems That Can Harm Your Car

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Your vehicle’s engine is undeniably one of its most important components. The engine is at the heart of your car’s performance and drivability. If there’s an issue with the engine, your car may misfire, have trouble turning over, or not start at all.

The first step in preventing engine damage is knowing what can cause it. Luckily, the automotive repair specialists at Hi-Land Garage in Kennewick, Washington, are here to help.

Here are four common engine problems you need to know about.

Failing Oil Pump

An optimally functioning oil pump is essential for the lifespan of your engine. If the oil pump starts to fail, it will starve your vehicle’s engine of the lubrication it needs to perform at its best. It’s important to get regular oil changes and ensure the oil you use is of a genuine viscosity. This allows it to travel swiftly through the pump.

Poor Lubrication

Your car’s engine needs sufficient amounts of lubrication to keep all of its moving parts running smoothly. If lubrication is lacking, your engine can overheat or seize up. As we stated before, routine oil changes will keep your car running stronger for longer.

Debris and Deposits

Your engine oil can become dirty. Over time, debris and deposits can build up in the oil and wreak havoc on the intake valves, spark plugs, and other engine components. Old, dirty oil won’t properly lubricate the engine, leading to even costlier issues.

Faulty Oxygen Sensors

Your car’s oxygen sensors measure the amount of oxygen in the gases that are leaving the engine. If these sensors are failing, they can harm the rest of your vehicle. Faulty oxygen sensors can lead to poor fuel efficiency and less driving enjoyment.

If you think your car has an engine problem, contact the auto repair technicians at Hi-Land Garage in Kennewick, Washington, today. We’ll inspect, diagnose, and repair your car to ensure it stays in peak condition for years to come.

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