How to Maintain Engine Performance

Engine Diagnostics & Repair

Drivers want to get the most out of their vehicles. They want full powered performance and maximum efficiency. With proper engine services, it’s possible to keep your car running at its best throughout its lifespan! All you need is help from a certified professional to perform preventative maintenance, diagnostics, and repair.

Preventative Maintenance

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, Hi-Land Garage can tell you how to protect it for miles to come. It starts with taking care of the engine — the most critical component to your vehicle’s function. Car engines combust fuel to create energy. That means all the moving parts under the hood can get pretty hot.

Oil Changes

Motor oil is used to lubricate parts and reduce engine temperatures driven by friction and combustion. Without oil, the engine would quickly overheat and fail! Over time, oil breaks down. That’s why expert technicians recommend regular oil changes to prevent problems.


Tune-ups are another preventative maintenance service used to protect your vehicle! Technicians perform a visual inspection, replace spark plugs and fuel & air filters, and clean out the fuel system to improve engine performance and efficiency.

Check Engine Light Repair

The check engine light is a message from your vehicle to get professional help. If you notice the yellow warning light on your dashboard, seek engine diagnostics and repair! Chances are, a part needs replacement to boost engine performance or efficiency to an optimal level. But if you ignore the light, damages could worsen and lead to a breakdown! Promptly handling check engine lights is important to protect the engine.

ASE Certified technicians can tell you what’s going on under the hood of your car when you notice signs of poor performance. Visual inspections of the following key components give them an idea of overall engine health:

  • Oil, Air, & Fuel Filters
  • Ignition Wires & Coils
  • Spark Plugs
  • Fuel Pump
  • Electronic Sensors
  • Emissions Control System
  • Distributor Cap & Rotor
  • & More

Put Good In, Get Good Out

Remember that vehicles are always susceptible to wear and tear over time. Small investments in its health with maintenance pays off over its lifetime. Keep your engine performing at its best with help from Hi-Land Garage!

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