Understanding the ABS System

The Anti-Lock Braking System: Explained

When you hit the brake pedal, there’s much more going on than you might imagine. Hydraulic and electrical systems work together to translate pressure from your foot into smooth stoppage. Let’s explore one part of the braking system to better understand brake function and maintenance!

What It Is

Today’s vehicles come equipped with anti-lock brake systems (ABS) designed to prevent the wheels from locking up when the brakes are applied. If you have ever slammed on the brakes in a vehicle that is not equipped with ABS, or with the ABS disabled, you know that it’s difficult to maintain control. The ABS ensures that your vehicle’s wheels maintain traction with the road and that you maintain positive steering when you hit the brakes. In most driving conditions, ABS is what allows the car to stop quickly in the shortest distance possible.

How It Works

When you press the brake pedal, fluid is forced through the brake system, transmitting pressure. The ABS applies or releases brake pressure to change the speed of each individual wheel and works to keep them at the same speed as you drive. This gives improved traction and control, especially in slick road conditions such as rain. This system relies on computers and your vehicle’s electrical and hydraulic system to monitor the speed of the wheels and adjust pressure as needed.

ABS Maintenance & Repair

To function properly, the ABS must have sufficient fluid levels at all times. Seals, gaskets, electrical components, and a few other key parts should be in good condition. That’s where vehicle maintenance is extremely important. During routine service, technicians inspect these parts and replace them as needed to keep the anti-lock brake system functioning for your safety.

If the ABS warning indicator illuminates on your dashboard, your vehicle is trying to tell you that something isn’t working properly. You need professional assistance to diagnose and fix the problem! Hi-Land Garage in Kennewick, WA is here for ABS repair and general brake repair to keep cars stopping safely! Contact our shop for brake repair service or more information. We are here to help!

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